Sunday, May 23, 2010

BARIBOCRAFT Wooden Ware - a Canadian Tradition!

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In Canada nearly everyone has a BARIBOCRAFT Canada item in their household!  This famous and traditionally Canadian company, located in Quebec, was in their heyday in the 60's & 70's making wooden ware in maple and teak; salad bowls, salt & pepper mills, cheese boards, steak & fish trenchers, nut bowls, cutting boards, candlesticks, hockey sticks, coat hangers, and many more items.  They also had a division called BARIBO-MAID, making wooden ware for the food service industry.  The quality of their wares was renowned the world over!  Gorgeous grain, very sturdy construction and innovative styles!  Sadly, they ceased production in the 70's.  

Baribocraft items have withstood the test of time!  With proper care, the wooden ware looks and functions just as well today as it did when it was created!  To expand your existing set, begin your collection, or to find a unique gift MANDICRAFTS BEARS and COLLECTIBLES carries the largest selection of vintage Baribocraft on eBay worldwide!

Here are few examples of the beautiful Baribocraft items available:

Nut Bowl (Maple)

Salad Servers (Teak)

Salad Bowls (Teak)

Cheese Board

Fish/Steak Trencher

To clean and sanitize wooden ware, use very little water.  Water will dry out the wood.  Never soak wooden ware in water!  A small amount of coarse salt scrubbed gently on the surface will clean and sanitize your precious Baribocraft!  "Feed" the wood occasionally with a skim of canola oil.  It keeps the wood looking fresh and moisturized!

Recently, I found out that the Baribocraft trade name had been purchased, and the world may soon see NEW Baribocraft items produced!  I have been assured that the wares will be made in Canada and will adhere to the traditional quality of the vintage items!  To read more about this development, click below!

Baribocraft Name to be Resurrected

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  1. I have a hanger that is imprinted "Queen Elizabeth" in both English and French. Does anyone know, was this made for the ocean liner?
    Thank you.

  2. This hanger printed in both french and english was made for the Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal.

    Daniel Vachon, Baribocraft

    1. Would love to know if the Baribocraft line will be resurrected in the near future!

  3. Baribocraft is still in the planning stages for releasing a new modern line but I will be notified as soon as they are ready for launch!

  4. I recently just purchased a Baribocraft Butter Dish (rectangular wood base, separate wood insert for butter, acrylic top with wood knob). Base is marked Baribocraft. I cannot find it anywhere online. Any idea when this was made or if it may have been used for anything else?

    1. How exciting to find a new piece! I have never seen a butter dish before. Could it be a cheese dish with cover? Unless it has a glass insert I wouldn't want to put butter or cheese in it, but perhaps you can find an insert that will fit? Baribocraft was in production in the 1960s & 70s so it will date to one of those decades.